Trendy Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos are for all the age groups. Tattoos for girls, tattoos for boys, tattoos for men and women and so on. It is a craze/trend that has taken the world by storm. When it comes to tattoos for girls, their selection is very special. It is hard to convince girls to go with any kind of tattoo design for themselves. The perfect tattoos for girls will be those which has a delicate design, filled with lovely captions or patterns, intricate features, etc. It can also be a phrase which reflects their personality or school of thought.

Tattoos for girls is a big thing! The nature of a girl is to experience moments and capture them in their memory and cherish it forever. It is the same case when it comes to tattoos for girls. The design which they select is what they want to cherish their whole life. Also, their seriousness for their tattoos depends on whether it is a permanent one or a temporary one. The tattoos for girls are to be unique, delicate, meaningful, cute, sober, sophisticated and worth the pain (that they go through while getting one). As said earlier, girls are not easy to convince when it comes for selection.

When two girls are best friends and are keen about getting a tattoo to highlight their everlasting friendship, of course, they will choose from the ‘tattoos for girls’ set. Pretty little designs with few words spread across in a pattern are the just perfect tattoos for girls. Moon, fairy, unicorn, rose, butterfly, flowers, waves, clouds, dreamcatcher, etc., are some of the tattoos for girls and they seem to adore such simple and subtle design. Besides such colorful and lively designs, few also go for dark themed designs to reflect their personalities.

History of Tattoos for Girls

The history of tattoos dates back to hundreds of years. The tattoos for girls do not have any specific history. As the years passed by, there have been many modifications and improvements in the designs for the specific group of people.

With time the creativity of the tattoo artists made progress and resulted in many beautiful ideas and designs. It isn’t mandatory to go with the already existing designs. If you are a creative person, you can put in your ideas behind the tattoo design, brainstorm it with the tattoo artist and then go for them.

Types of Tattoos For Girls

Tattoos for girls are supposed to be a big thing! The tattoos for girls are to be unique, delicate, meaningful, cute, sober, sophisticated and worth the pain (that they go through while getting one). It can also be a phrase which reflects their personality or school of thought.

Pretty little designs with few words spread across in a pattern are just perfect tattoos for girls. Some simple designs such as unicorn, dreamcatcher, gems, stars, moon, etc., are a part of their tattoo plan. Following are some of the types of tattoos for girls:

Type #1 Angel Wing Tattoos

These tattoos for girls are either drawn a pair of wings or a single wing. This type of design is simple and cute and the girl who loves fairy-tales, angels, magical creatures, etc., love to get this design for themselves. The wings tattoo signifies freedom, protection, guardianship, etc.

Type #2 Cherry Blossom Tattoos

The cherry blossoms are very famous for their effect on the city. For when they are in full bloom, the appearance of that area changes to the beautiful scenery. This flower is a national flower of Japan, and it signifies the importance of living life to the fullest.

Type #3 Tiny Heart Tattoos

One of the go-to tattoo designs for girls are the ‘hearts.’ Simple design but with a strong and deep meaning. They signify love, emotions, feelings, etc.

Type #4 Rose Tattoos

One of the best tattoos for girls is the rose tattoo. A rose symbolizes love and the thorns symbolize the sacrifices one has to go through to be in love. Different rose color has a different meaning. For instance, the peach color roses stand for friendship and the pink roses signify healing, virtue, grace, etc.

Type #5 Stars/Constellation Tattoos

If you want to be always guided by the stars and be on the right path then this tattoo for girls is just perfect! Some girls are keen on getting their zodiac sign on themselves to keep reminding the qualities they have.

Type #6 Snowflake Tattoos

These delicate pieces of nature’s art are absolutely pretty to get your hands on. If you observe closely, you see the complex structure of the flake. The design varies from one flake to another. They signify individuality, transformation, peace, etc.

Type #7 Crown Tattoos

Tattoos for girls without including the crown is absolutely incomplete. The crown signifies reign, self-control, leadership. A crown tattoo makes a pretty good impression about one as it is all about self-care and authority.

Type #8 Unicorn Tattoos

The unicorn tattoo is a colorful tattoo which is often selected by the girls who love them. From the selection, one can say that the girl who wears that tattoo is unique, colorful and jolly by nature and has a beautiful soul.

Type #9 Dreamcatcher Tattoos

This design has the dreamcatcher with all the feathers and knots and hangings which makes it look pretty and cool. It stands for safety and protection as it is placed by the bedside for not having a bad dream. It is also believed to ward off the bad/evil spirits.

tattoos for girls

Type #10 Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly tattoos are very common and adored amongst the girls for their delicate presence and strong meaning. The design signifies beauty, freedom, forgiveness, etc.

Type #11 Disney Character Tattoos

Girls absolutely love fairy tales, and Disney’s world has the right designs for such likeness. If you love Beauty and the Beast, get a hands on the famous rose design with “tale as old as time…” caption!

Type #12 Moon Tattoos

The moon tattoos make for a cute, pretty little design. Girls who love astronomy and also believe in a higher power, get this design. It also signifies magic, creativity, growth, etc.

Placement Ideas

Girls get very creative when it comes to decorating stuff. And when it is the tattoo decision they go for some very creative yet simple ideas and places. Here are some ideas for placement of tattoos for girls.

Behind the Ear

is a spot where you can get a small yet quirky and cute design. Designs such as some molecular formula, moon, stars, hearts, etc., are perfect for this spot.

Not to mention about how elegant yet rebellious it looks along with the dresses that you can flaunt at galas and other events.

This is an amazing location that goes perfectly with hairstyles for women over 60. However, if you don’t own such hairstyle, you can see post which can give you an idea of what we’re exactly talking about.


It is a place where you can get tattoo designs such as dreamcatcher, flying birds, stars, roses, butterfly, etc.


Thumb or the fingers can be decorated with a small snowflake design, flowers, phrase/verse, crown or a caption which you’ve composed personally.

Back & Neck

They back of your body can be decorated with big and bold designs such as lotus, butterfly, abstract design, cross, skull, rose, feather or angel wings.


This area can be designed with small, pretty little tattoos such as little hearts, birds, moon/sun, dandelion, anchor, gems/diamonds, etc.


Ankle tattoos are a great place to get a tat. It has tattoo designs which are drawn around the ankle area


Tattoos are for all the age groups. It is a trend that has taken the world by storm. When it comes to tattoos for girls, their selection is very special. Girls are hard to convince to go with any kind of tattoo design. Girls love to experience moments and capture them in their memory and cherish it forever. It is the same case when it comes to tattoos.

The design which they select is what they want to cherish their whole life. If you are a creative person, you can put in your ideas behind the tattoo design, brainstorm it with the tattoo artist and then go for them. There are many creative designs and ways to wear a tattoo. Tattoos for girls has many designs such as gems, anchor, wings, butterfly, dandelion, peonies, dreamcatcher, etc. if you are planning on to get a tattoo, do go for those designs which you feel, represent your soul and qualities.

Peony Tattoo

With their deep roots in the culture and historical backgrounds of China and Indiana, peony flowers are the symbolism of both strength and beauty. While the diverse colors showcase an epitome of manifold grace, the variety of shapes and sizes they take stand for the diversity in every form. No wonder “peony tattoo designs,” originating from the purple background of Peony, has found a deep-seated liking among tattoo lovers in and around various countries.

Peony tattoos have existed in history for centuries. The evidence of the existence has been found in mythological texts. The tattoos are not only a site of grace and beauty but stand for prosperity and romance. Peony tattoos celebrate success and are an omen of good fortune and happiness.

The Variety of Elements in Peony

The peony tattoo can inculcate a variety of elements. The elements that shall be incorporated shall range from flowers like chrysanthemum, lily, and lotus to the epitome of bravery and salvage like tigers and dragons, or they use your original beauty as in fairies or unicorns.

A number of tattoo artists well equipped with peony background shall use many Chinese and Japanese symbols owing to the roots of the origin. They may use symbolism like dragons, tigers, bears, koi fish to create a Chinese or Japanese theme. They may also use flowers like chrysanthemum and cherry blossom to give you a variety of options. If you want a different element depicting history, the artists can draw you a character as samurai from Japan. Thus, you can get your tattoo themed in various forms.

Karajishi (Japanese lion-dog) symbolism presents you with a middle ground of beauty and bravery. If you want to represent a balanced symbol of beauty and chivalry, you might want to consider it.

In the end, what kind of a peony tattoo you get boils down to your understanding of peony. If you do not want a themed tattoo with historical representations, you may go for more straightforward descriptions as flowers, or dragons and fairies. These symbols, in general, represent the valor and beauty of peony tattoos.

Also, you can select from a variety of colors for your tattoo ranging from red, pink, purple to blue, yellow, and white. If you are a man and you choose not to get a too colorful one, you might as well go with monochromatic tattoos.

The Secret Meaning

Peony is a representation of all the positive vibes you could get. It has a glorious past among warriors and peasants alike. On the one hand, it represents strength, valor, bravery, and sacrifice, while the other side stands for beauty, romance, peace, and wealth. So yes, you can get your own peony to represent strength and beauty at the same time.

In the olden days, especially in the eastern culture, peony was more of a tattoo belonging to a male. The samurai were said to be having peony tattoos that represented their ferocity in wars. The folktales have it that the beauty of the peony tattoos would restrain the atrocious enemies as well as predatory animals in wars.

In the Japanese and Chinese culture of the past, it is quite evident that they used stone lions in order to protect their sacred temples and buildings from raids and enemies, thus bringing the element of lions in peony tattoos. Also, Japan signifies a bold and daring approach to life that shows in peony. As peony is considered as “the queen of flowers,” in the Japanese culture, the concept of royalty and wealth in these tattoos is not untouched.

Kinds of Peony Tattoos Designs and Where Should You Get One

Following are the best areas to get Peony Tattoos.

Peony Tattoo on The Shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most likely body parts to get a tattoo and forms a perfect space for peony tattoos. The various lines and the width of the shoulder gives a raise and multi-fold view of the symbol. The artist can match the contours of the skin to your tattoo, increasing its beauty.

Peony Tattoo on Your Back

Your back is a significant body part to place in your favorite tattoo. The availability of enough space allows you to get bold and creative with your choice of designs.

You could go ahead. Follow a single theme as a bunch of flowers, or mix up various elements to present a diverse topic.

Peony tattoo on the elbow

The way the skin on your elbow contracts and dilates, the flowers on the angle could appear to blossom.

This shall give a new fold beauty and realistic view to your tattoo.

Peony tattoo on your waist

The curves on the waist and the lines and structure prove for a desirable place to get a peony tattoo. You can go for well-chiseled petals that give your tattoo a new edge and look.

Peony tattoo designs are fast getting popular among tattoo lovers because of their multifold virtues. They offer a lot of features that can be combined to give your tattoo your unique identity.

Sleeve Tattoos For Women

By ensuring that we are out of earshot from the haughty, judgmental aunties whose IQ range less than average, more often than not, let us begin discussing a very taboo subject in today’s world; tattoos on women, specifically, the sleeve-type. Let’s explore the various pros, cons, opinions, variants, and the future related to sleeve tattoos for women.

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Bizarre About Sleeve Tattoos For Women

It is bizarre how plastic, usually designer inked markings on bodies, provide a basis for the unlimited and incessant passing of unwanted opinions which classify the bearer (if feminine, in gender) as “un-sanskaari,” lesbian, and in extreme cases, mentally retarded!

But also at places of worship. It is quite a despicable prospect that some people force their orthodox mentality onto even creative outlets. This is because on-lookers do not realize that it requires a massive amount of forethought and commitment to get something tattooed, and is usually not a reckless, spur-of-the-moment decision. Once they recognize this as a fact, it becomes a more peaceful setting for everybody.

Impact On Health

But let us not forget about the sleeve of medical problems tattoos carry along with them, ranging from ink toxicity, inflammation, irritation, and acute allergic immune responses, to non-viability as a blood donor, which is an issue if the patient requires it from a tattooed mother. Additionally, the procedure of the removal of a tattoo is a painful and cumbersome process. In retrospect, if she is somehow able to surpass these obstacles, tattoos are the ultimate display of creativity for the world to admire.

Sleeve Tattoos For Women Everywhere!

With the rise in the popularity of tattoo trends, sleeve tattoos for women have gained steadily on the preference scale for women due to various factors such as notice-ability and expression of self – confidence. Sleeve tattoos for women usually cover either a part of the whole of a limb.

They can be quarter, half, or full. Also, they either adorn the arm or leg and range from dainty forearm circlets, to pull-up sock lookalikes, to those which envelope the entire arm, essentially mimicking the look of a full-sleeve. They require patience, talent, and creativity.

The final result is the proud handiwork, which displays the prowess and vision of the tattooist and receiver, respectively. It portrays an immense self-confidence within herself. A receiver can choose whether or not she wants to share this part of herself with everybody by opting to end the tattoo short right before she wears a watch, which enables her to cover herself with clothing in any “required” situation.

Carrying Sleeve Tattoos For Women

Sleeve tattoos for women are frequently symbolic. They depict what their wearer wants. Wearers can opt to let their creativity run wild and experiment with shapes, patterns, color palettes, and themes. Typically, roses or flowers signify delicateness, elements of nature mean power, musical notes portray songs that she holds dear to her heart, and letters of the alphabet or dates are usually associated with somebody that is beloved. A tattoo may also combine and use both imagery and words. Like a quote, for example, for a more trendy and hipster look.

She may also choose to get somebody’s face as a portrait on her skin! Different tattoos hold different meanings to people. Usually, a full sleeve of tattoos implies the thirst for ink and needle connecting to her skin. The desire to use her exposed skin as a canvas, to show the world that she herself is a living, breathing piece of artwork. Sleeve tattoos may extend onto her back or torso as well if she wishes so. A particular example of this is Hikae. It is a Japanese style incorporating the coverage of the chest area extending to the elbow or wrist.

Sleeve tattoos have lashed for the apparent . By ‘’stripping of femininity’’ if females wear them. This is a belief because of the fact that sleeve tattoos are predominantly seen on macho, muscular men that ride bikes. This absurd assumption can be countered by the fact that the wearer of such a sleeve tattoos for women herself deliberately wishes for that kind of a look. Also, if it makes her appear more masculine, then so be it! If such sexism persists even in neutral areas such as tattoos, we can’t go very far ahead.


Some discussions have gone on to say about so many things. Indeed, some tattoos do serve as a substitute for full-body clothing. How this might concern somebody is wholly inexplicable. But let us wrap up this lengthy discourse with a few concluding words. These will try out these sleeve tattoos for women.

If somebody is sure of something, that she wants permanently embedded onto her skin; Then the only person that can stop her from expressing her creativity in the form of a tattoo is herself!

Fairy Tattoos

Are you looking for cute Fairy Tattoos? From tales of tooth fairies who left behind a shining coin in exchange for our teeth, to the fairy godmother who helped Cinderella attend the Royal Ball till the clock struck twelve, our childhood has been filled with stories of fairies and magic.

Fairy tales are a significant part of every child’s growing years. It is in this magical world of mystical creatures that we first learn to dream and desire. Fairy tales teach us lessons about love, life, and friendship; it shows us to believe in the possibility of everything and happy ever afters. Naturally, fairy tattoos are a common choice of symbolic meaning for many.

History of Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are mythical creatures with no definite source of origin. People can find their involvement in various cultural folklore.

Most of the time, people describe fairies as tiny creatures with a human form and wings and possess magical powers. In Christianity, fairies are angels; they can even be goblins or gnomes. However, Christians usually describe them for their trickery and playful ways. Moreover, fairies are creatures, from who, people protect themselves from using church bells or four-leaf clovers.

Fairies can be banshees whose cries were considered a bad omen and foretold tragedies. At present, fairies describe various positivity and good vibes. Also, they can be either sweet and beautiful, they charm with their looks and help with their powers.

From William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream to Tinker Bell, fairies find mention in literature and legends, as well as in art.

Fairy Tattoos Meanings

From the Latin word ‘fata,’ from which it is derived, fairy means fate. Fairy tattoos symbolize beauty, charm, and grace through their appearance. They send out vibes of kindness, positivity, love, and helpfulness through their deeds.

Fairies symbolize the alluring nature of the feminine character, prime youth, and innocence. Shy, feisty and mysterious, fairy tattoos reflect one’s personality. Moreover, enchantment and mysticism are a part of the aura that surrounds fairies and is evident through these fairy tattoos.

Free-spirits, always trying to help others and granting wishes and fulfilling desires, if you relate to these character traits, you should get a fairy tattoo inked. Also, they are the epitome of freedom and feminine grace, fairy tattoos can have a spiritual and ethereal meaning to them.

Fairies can also be associated with nature and one’s love for it. All our fairy tales depict fairies in beautiful gardens, meadows, and forests.

Types of Fairy Tattoos

Placement of Fairy Tattoos

You can get the fairy tattoo on various body parts. Large designs look best on the back, chest, things, lower abdomen and forearms. Done in colorful ink and suitable design, these tattoos look attractive and captivating. Also, minimalistic designs of only outlines in black or colorful miniature figurines stand out on the wrists, ankle, around the fingers, back of the neck and hips.

Women love to paint their collar bones and lower back with beautiful designs of the fairy tattoos. Feet, toes, and legs are also a common choice among women to get fairy tattoos. The size of the tattoo determines the portion you should ink.

Final Words

Fairy tattoos depict some styles and avatars, displaying an array of moods and emotions. Hence it’s popularity is not dying anytime soon. Many skillful tattoo experts are continually giving new twists to the classic fairy tattoos and customizing designs. So, if you feel like a fairy, magical and full of life, we recommend you get one now!

Tiger Tattoos

Tiger tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs out there. They're a symbol of strength, courage, and beauty. So if you're looking for a new design idea, check out these tiger tattoo ideas!

If you've decided that your next tattoo will be a tiger then this is the perfect blog post for you! We'll show you teach you the meaning behind tiger tattoos as well as show you some cool tiger tattoo designs.

Different Types of Tiger Tattoos and Their Meanings

Find the amazing tiger tattoo designs that best suit your personality and get them today itself!!!


Tigers are standing compared to lions, which is why they are more recognized to be very wild. In fact, you do not know, and tigers refer to the group of cats. Even so, these have enormous quantities when matched to the regular cat pets. They can also be very excited just like lions if you make them, so you better wait apart from the tigers.

You want to show how wild kind of a human you are, especially when you are being informed, then it is undoubtedly great for you to have a tiger tattoo.


A tiger is one of the animals that you can find in the jungle that has very unbelievable power that can be related to lions, elephants, and some other powerful animals out there. This is the primary purpose of tiger art known to imply strength.

Because of this, there is no problem with why it is excellent for those people who have high power among them.


Many people consider that tigers will never make bad things over you unless you have done something wrong to them. And once you make them, there is no method you can control them from rampaging. You will inevitably end up your personal life immediately. Once tigers become energy, they always get from taking revenge.

Hence, it is no excellent shocking why they seem to be representatives of attack. If you want to show people your revengeful nature for the purpose of informing them, then this tattoo would be excellent to wear.


In fact, you do not know, people connect tiger animals with a lot of religions in the world. Some religions deemed them as villains of their homes that increase the spirit of struggle. Others think that they express goodness that there is no requirement to worry about these animals.

For some Asian religions, tigers seem to be very harmful, especially in India, where these animals destroyed Indian villages and eat some people.


They express their security. Well, there is no problem with that since tigers are powerful and many animals and people do not try to make a meal with them. In other words, many are scared of them, so they can definitely say that they can protect themselves well. However, that is a widespread fact. Here is a unique one.

Do you know that tigers suppose to be the guardians of the dead people? Yes, you read it right. It is according to Chinese history. In fact, a number of Chinese people in the past burned the image of a tiger on the gravestones of their dead family members. They considered that the picture of the Tiger there will help the soul of the dead goes to heaven quickly.

Baby Tiger Tattoo Designs

No matter how intimidating and fearsome a tiger may be, nothing provokes the expression, full of emotions “Ahhhhh, he’s so attractive” positively like looking at a newborn tiger. Given that tigers are, in stock, individual animals, the female of the species is famous for being faithful mothers. Baby Tiger Tattoo designs express Honesty and Brittleness. They are a top of the hat to the connection between a mother and a child.

Dragon Tiger Tattoos

In Chinese traditions, the Tiger and the Dragon are deadly enemies who regularly get into a bloody battle. Both are symbols of Mother Nature and describe Power, Strength, Love, and Desire. What makes these two separate things that communicate with the environment around them?

The Dragon is an intelligent animal and a creature of knowledge that is in tune with the essential elements of the world, whereas the Tiger is a creature of brute power and primal power. In a feeling, a Dragon Tiger Tattoo describes the fight between the Brain and the Body.


During the story of tattoo art, animals have been a significant source of motivation for tattoo designers. Between animal tattoos, the Tiger tattoo makes a traditional option because they have infinite beauty and unmatched skills, making it the latest source of motivation for people. There is something royal about this ruled human, which has made people run for its fantastic skin. Also, unique hunting has led it to grow an endangered species today.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

The worldwide famous and enchanting cherry blossom tattoo designs are a sight to behold. Cherry blossom tattoo designs are the ultimate source of expressionism for humans in the most beautiful form. They hold a different meaning for different cultures, while some of the cultures consider them as an ode to life and how fragile life can be, there are others which think of them as the flag bearer of youth and fearlessness.

These Japanese ornaments exude charm and a persona like no other. They hold immense significance in ancient times as well. They symbolize oriental art styles and forms, taking a lot of inspiration from the significant Edo era. Their catchy eye designs are influenced by the Japanese samurais in a big way, which makes them look enormous and bigger than life in a significant way. Tranquility is another critical concept on which cherry blossom designs thrive, like kanji, which gives a peaceful feel. The Buddhist quotes are another in-demand thing which gives way to the feeling of immense peace and instill in us a vibe of calmness and serenity.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs For Male and Female

There is a specific style for males, while there is another distinct style for females in cherry blossom tattoo designs. While most of the men combine their symbols with skulls and fire, women, on the other hand, prefer to go with butterflies, hearts, stars, and the tree of supreme importance in the Japanese culture i.e., “The Sakura tree.”

Significance and Meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Explore some amazing significance of Cherry blossom tattoo designs.

The Buddhist Meaning

Blossoms are often used by the Buddhist as it is an essential component of Buddhist philosophy. The cherry blossoms are flowering plants only for a short time period, and then they vanish, they stress on the fact that one should live in the present through this action.

They also emphasize on gaining enlightenment and achieving wisdom.

The Japanese Meaning

The Japanese and Buddhist cultures are intermixed, a lot of social, religious practices are also intertwined with each other. Both cultures believe in the fact that life is transient, and eventually, everything does fade away one day. Life is fragile and consists of mortality is deeply depicted in every way. There is historical evidence about the Japanese using cherry blossoms in the ancient technique of wood blocking. It comes in use to celebrate the occasion called life and love. It symbolizes the beauty of love and life alike. Cherry blossom also happens to be the National flower of Japan. It often comes in use in all the auspicious occasions like marriages and childbirths in the form of decoration. Thus bringing happiness and joy all the way.

Symbol Of Hope

Blossom marks the rise of the new year in Japan, and thus it is a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and aspirations. It implies that optimism and a never give up attitude should instill in humans.

Sign of Humanity

Cherry blossoms bloom for a short period before falling off, and they are a reminder from nature to

live in the present and enjoy to the fullest at the moment because there one cannot count on the future.

The Chinese Meaning

Blossoms are the symbol of intensity, love, and passion. They represent empowerment and feminism. 

Designs and Ideas

Explore some fantastic designs for cherry blossom tattoo designs here.

Tree in Storm

Ferocious and caught amidst a storm, but still holding on to your roots is what the idea of the design is.

This tattoo shows the power of simple flowers that bloom in the storm as well.

Colorful Buddhist Cherry Blossom 

According to the Buddhist ideology, all humans are mortal and will leave one day, and in accordance with this concept, this bareback tattoo shows bright and full of life red cherry blossom vanishing slowly.

Shades of Colour

Everyone has a past that may be good or bad. The cherry blossom tattoo has a highlighted color in

the background representing that past stays with us no matter what.

Cherry Love 

Ignited by a wild and ferocious desire, this tattoo represents the power with black being used as a dominant color with hues of red, giving it a majestic and royal feel.

Chinese Cherry Blossom

The symbolism of love and lust, this design is inspired by a famous painting in Chinese culture.

Blossom Branch

As suggested by the name, it has its branches full of blooming flowers that celebrate the growth of womanhood.

It is a perfect design for women symbolizing commitment and unique connections in life.

 A Branch of Cherry

The subtle interplay of colors with a pale and colorful palette at the same time makes this design alluring and exciting on the bareback. The leaves partly falling represent detachment.

Dainty Cherry Blossom 

The feminine power, it has a simple look to it with every branch having a flower. It symbolizes love and passion and often comes into consideration as an inspiration for lovers.

Anchor Tattoos

The anchor tattoos, with their shiny black arm and powerful anchor embodied aesthetically on the skin, are one of the most trending tattoo design. It is effortless in design and could be altered to suit your personality. There are several types of tattoos available in the market but anchor tattoos are very popular. Did you know that the design is one of the oldest?

Historical Significance and Meaning of Anchor Tattoos

This tattoo started gaining popularity during the early years of Christianity when the Christians were under Roman rule. The tattoo was used to conceal the cross within the anchor by persecuted Christians.

In a way, it served as an “anchor” for them, as a reminder to steadily hold onto their beliefs in the midst of damnation and cruelty inflicted on them. It was also a means to secretly communicate or find out your ally if you were a Christian within that period.

In the sea life, when an anchor falls from the ship, it held the ship steadily in one place and served as a lifesaver in the middle of life-endangering sea storms. It became a symbol of stability, protection, and power amongst the sailors.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to write “Mom” or the name of their sweetheart with the anchor tattoo, to keep themselves grounded and remember their loved ones. There were various designs with chains or ropes woven around the anchor. This reminds you of the nostalgic days of watching Popeye, yet? His anchor tattoo was pretty badass after all.

Is the temptation of getting one growing in your chest? Let me hit you guys up with its meaning. It symbolizes stability; the design radiates power, loyalty, religious belief ( the anchor is also has a special meaning in the Bible), salvation, amongst the never-ending sea of definitions.

Anchor Tattoos Designs Ideas

Classical idea

Aside from the traditional chains around the anchor, it can be made unique as per your style. It can be filled with black or colored ink or just outlined with various colors describing the tattoo. This tattoo can be seen from peeking under the shirt sleeve of a person’s forearm, on the neck, ankle, wrist, upper arm, shoulder, or collarbone.

Floral Design

The head can have a small heart doodled, with chains wrapped delicately along the anchor. This symbolizes love, passion, and emotional bonds. There can also be flowers embodied on the ropes.

With a rose or heart

The tattoo can have a heart in the middle of the anchor. This symbolizes love, passion, care for someone or protecting a loved one.
The rose can also hint at romantic love, or symbolize the loss of a loved one. There are many tattoos with a rose in the center and a cross symbol at the head. Also, it shows preserving the memory of a person whom you’ve lost.

So, why not get a combination of them both?

Popeye Anchor Tattoos

Want to get the tattoo of Popeye, and bask in the glorious fandom feels of your childhood? Then Popeye’s bulging arms with the anchor tattoo are the right one for you.

Tribal Anchor Tattoos

These tattoos are used to symbolize nature, natural elements like fire, wind or simply represent an exotic fusion between the usual anchor tattoos and modern symbols.

These can have a sword like structure, or an anchor tattoo in flames or with intricate feathery borders.

Eagle and Globe Anchor Tattoo

In the U.S. the eagle perched on the anchor and the globe embodied in the anchor, symbolize honor and bravery.

Celtic Anchor Tattoo

These depict loyalty, protection, salvation and look pretty stylish and crafty. Also, People associate them with sea life and have the old designs dating as back as the 1500s. These have small, stylish patterns or symbols throughout the anchor.

Feel excited at the prospect of getting the anchor tattoo? It is simple but stylish, especially for those who are looking forward to getting their first tattoo, and an excellent addition for those who want to add to their previous tattoos.

Anchor Tattoos Designs

Tree Tattoos

Trees are the epitome of life on this planet. Trees have been on the surface of our earth for thousands of years. They have provided man with the food, protection, resources, and shelter. Worshipping trees was a common practice throughout almost all the ancient civilizations. They believed the tree to be something mythical or sacred; trees were the symbols of gods. Tree tattoos started from this belief.

Everything You Need to Know About Tree Tattoos

They started to put trees on their skin even from the beginning of tattooing. Like the tree, tattoos with trees were also considered sacred, and therefore it was only allowed to be tattooed by high ranking nobles of the society. A nonnoble tattooing a tree was even punishable in ancient times. Trees were given that much importance even from the starting of human societies. Even today the value of the tree in human life is enormous.

A tree tattoo can be done in different ways; there are also variations as to which a tree can be tattooed. Some may have a branch or the leaves of the tree; others may tattoo a tree as the whole, some with root others without it. Then some people tattoo orchards or even a forest.

All of these comes under the same name of tree tattoos. But even though there are so many variations, the most common one would be the whole tree. Also, when tattooing a tree as a whole, some everyday habits are followed, most people like to tattoo a few common trees.

These tree tattoos on arm were made standard by their importance and, the meaning that these tattoos have. For example, taking the oak tree, it was considered a sacred tree throughout centuries by different communities, the Celtics and Greeks believed the oak tree to be sacred, for Buddhists, the Bodhi tree is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and regeneration.

Types of Tree Tattoos

There are 6 different types of trees tattoos that are frequently right now.

  1. Oak
  2. Maple
  3. Pine
  4. Ash
  5. Cherry
  6. Bodhi etc.

The popularity of the tree tattoos still being so high is because of the wide range of meanings the tree gives. The tree of life symbolizes a human life cycle. The tree is considered as having a long life; some trees can survive thousands of years. Therefore it is no surprise that they are seen as the symbol of longevity and strength.

Given the fact that early humans had to depend on trees for almost all of their daily needs also gives trees the value of protection, care, resourcefulness, etc. Whenever we think of nature, the first thing that comes to any person’s mind is a tree. It is because the human history is so much intertwined with trees. From collecting fruits for food to finding out the tremendous medicinal qualities of trees that cured diseases that could’ve been deadly if not.

Benefits of Using Tree Tattoos

Even today lumber is an important part of any construction, and therefore trees provided us with the resources needed to build our homes. That is why having a tree as a tattoo not only shows the qualities and values possessed by a tree but also indicates that gratitude we owe to the tree and nature as a whole for supporting and nourishing all type of life on Earth. Having a tree as a tattoo is not just a piece of art on your body. Moreover, it is an emotion, an expression of something that each of us needs these qualities of the tree to be a lucky man in life.

There exists a saying that we should learn how to humble from the trees. Whenever the trees bear fruits, its branches bend down with humility helping us reach out to the beautiful fruits thereby spreading the fruitfulness of the tree to everyone who surrounds. Similarly, a lucky human should always be humble; he should show humility towards all his fellow beings, that’s how he can spread his success while bringing more prosperity to himself.

The qualities we should study from trees are not a few. It needs patience and perseverance to be calm like a tree, to stand well rooted and rise high. This is why the tree is still admirable to anyone who watches and for the same reason, tree tattoos remain one of the best forms of ink art you can get on your skin. The qualities of a tree do not end there.

Tree Tattoos Meaning & Qualities

A few qualities and meanings shown by the tree tattoos are:

If you are someone going to get their first tattoo, the tree tattoo can be one of your first choices for the value and qualities it stands for. A tree shows how active you are, your attachment with nature, and your willingness to adapt and learn from your surroundings, the beauty is indicated by a tree is something remarkable even on this day of advancement and modern technologies.

Tree Tattoos Designs Ideas for Women

Final Words

Going back to your roots is the best way you can make sure you reach the highest. The tree remains a sacred symbol, the symbol of life and fertility. Before getting a tattoo you should understand what meaning you want to express through it. Also, you need to search through these different types of tree tattoos to find the one that matches your ideas. Also, you could create one that expresses your character just in one image.

However you do it, the tree will be one of the best tattoos out there to try, especially if your need for a tattoo is not just to show off the art but also to create an everlasting impression on anyone who sees it, but most importantly on your mind itself. A tree is something that can never be replaced; it is one of the few things on this planet without which our life will never be the same. Also, trees are the life of the earth, and a tattoo depicting them is sure to be a great one.

Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are very elegant to see and present themselves as a delegate of your inner personality and conviction. A simple depiction of the five-pointed figure shows itself in all its glory and captivates a unique cuteness in itself.

These designs are pretty cool and usually a right preference for your first ink piece, primarily because of its small size in design and need not be intricate.

Earlier star tattoos were commonly inked by sailors only. But this is no longer the case. People from different walks of life now prefer this delicate yet straightforward tattoo design. However, some more category of tattoos might overcome star tattoos

Everything You Need to Know About Star Tattoos

The star itself is one of the oldest classical cryptograms, and it has always been depicted as an essential image in many religions and cultures. When human being had no idea of their meanings and significance, they were still lovable by humans.

If we speak in the context of ancient times, humans always looked up into the sky and would try to explain unto themselves the superlative view, with the help of myths and religion. The stars are universal cryptograms and need not be particularly attached to any specific religion or culture.

Significance of Star Tattoos

The star tattoos can have many different meanings to plenty of unique people.

Most of the people associate star tattoos with high goals, achievement, persistence, hope, protection or any other illuminating and auspicious event in their lives.

A simple single star tattoo itself can hold a substantial meaning, making a fabulous and dynamic statement, also considering the future aims of the individual. The shining shooting star formation tattoos are too trendy, precisely because of their long-lasting impression of romance and any other unique thing.

Trends in Star Tattoos Right Now

Male and female have different star tattoos designs which are prearranged for them. For females, the shooting star formation is very lovable as that looks feminine, whereas guys mostly go for the nautical stars which have a strong impression.

Star tattoo designs can be made as a single star, solitary star, or a complete assemblage of small stars, celestial or nautical designs.

The designs for star tattoos are very flexible and can combine themselves with wings, skulls, the moon and the sun, scroll, flowers, butterflies, fairies or any other image that can come up to your mind, and the star tattoo will mesh itself up with it pretty well. Overall it creates a unique tattoo of your personality.

Placement of Star tattoos

Star tattoos placements have no such restrictions and have a lot of options on their locations. As for being a female, a small string of stars can be created on foot. You can also get them past your ankle to enhance a sexy appeal. They may be made on the wrist or behind the ear, on the back, the shoulders or the side of the body. Even an assemblage of small stars of the fingers looks cute.

Some Beautiful Star Tattoos Designs Ideas

A collection of variable sized stars, plenty of them which is drawn across the side of the female body looks stunning. Some of the stars among these have double layers, and some of these nude stars have dark effects on the outer area.

A massive star tattoo in which some beautiful words are inscribed in it, such as friendship, freedom, family, tolerance, integrity, love, which makes up for a brilliant idea.

A robust star tattoo design. Mainly involves a massive star unto which the galaxy has been precisely inserted. Given the fine details of the universe within, this tattoo design is unique and astounding.

Stars of different sizes covering one whole arm. There is a unique variety of the colors used in various stars, and also some of them are pure solids, with a few only borderline stars are mixed in between. This work has enhancing appearance.

Name within the stars. Your name could be inked precisely in between an assemblage of nautical uncolored stars.

Nude stars design with navy blue effects, which are precisely drawn upon the skin. The tattoo could be meshed up with a beautiful butterfly or heart images.

Star Tattoos Body Areas Placements

You can get the Start tattoos in different places. It could be above the breast area, near the shoulder. Also, you could ink them in a shooting star tattoo design, made precisely. Preferably for the females, the feminine colors could be employed in this design. A double layer of swirly lines around the tattoo enhances its look and also creates a much more beautiful effect.

A simple single star painted in blue, with spots of white inside it to make it look having more shining stars within. It could depict shooting stars in the sky.

The assemblage of shooting star tattoos drawn on the forearm with a filigree design. It could be meshed up with different water colors, not necessarily within the borders, a beautiful splatter of colors. Also, a single, double layered black star on the shoulder, encompassed by dots and filigree design.

A star could tattoo on the ribs, that is on the side of the girl’s body. Some ambitious lines could be added to it like “When you are chasing dreams it is never by the books.”

Some pretty colored stars could be hanging from the cloud. Sunflowers inserted into a large star tattoo.

Also, a simple assemblage of stars drawn from the ribs to the lower stomach area. Purple stars assembling with a pretty swallow drawn, which is surrounded by the stars, on the side of the body.

Star Tattoos Designs for Women

Infinity Tattoos

Infinity is a mathematical term, or I can say a mathematical number, and there are strong mathematical theories and concepts behind Infinity but let’s not get into those thoughts. Just to make it simple for you let’s not look at it that way. Forget that it’s a number instead look at it an eight which is lying down. Yeah, that’s it. A sideways 8 is the symbol of infinity. But there’s something about infinity that you need to know that is it’s endless. Infinity means endless, or you may say, there’s nothing beyond infinity in fact infinity is itself an end. It’s an end for an infinite series or sequence just like the numbers. Does your head ache yet? Well, Infinity Tattoos are widely famous all over the globe.

Eight which is lying down holds some great meaning and signifies a lot of things as you will see. And again, infinity Is not that complicated.

What does an Infinity Tattoo Represent?

You just read that Infinity Tattoos have got some profound meaning. For a lot of people, this sideways 8 signifies a key to life. According to them, life is limitless and full of possibilities. An Infinity represents every opportunity of every single day in your life from even tiniest of decisions you made and what could have happened if the decision you had made was different. Even smallest of the things that you do have consequences.

Look closely at the symbol of infinity. You would see a loop which is endless. It’s a loop which has no way out, it never ends, and there is nothing beyond it. You can relate it to anything that is endless such as friendships, family, the universe. Infinity is a symbol of ‘Forever.’ It represents the relationships that are never going to end just as infinity never ends.

The family that lasts forever, Love that is never going to vanish and the people who are never going to leave. They are with us till infinity. They’re with us forever. Couples get Infinity Tattoos as a commitment to their relationship. The endless loop and the circles can also be linked with the seasons which repeat itself over and over every year.

History of Infinity

Historically the symbol of infinity looks somewhat similar to the mythological creature Ouroboros. It’s a symbol of a dragon eating its tail in the shape of infinity. In ancient India, this symbol represented dualism and perfection. It also signified the unity between a man and a woman and the balance between the two forces.

The symbol of infinity appears on the ornaments of the cross of Saint Boniface. He was a missionary and was promoting Christianity in the Frankish Empire.

In 1655, John Wallis gave this symbol its mathematical meaning, i.e., Infinity. He never explained why he chose this symbol as infinity although in Roman used a similar symbol to represent large numbers. It looked like this ‘CIƆ.‘

Infinity Tattoos Trend

There is something in this symbol that it attracts everybody’s mind and attention. Infinity tattoos are steadily rising, and many people tend to get this tattoo in one or the other form. One reason could be its incredibly great meaning and history or perhaps it relatively small, and one can get it anywhere on the body. Either way, it gives a mysterious touch to the person just as infinity itself is a mystery.

Most commonly people get this tattoo on their wrists as it fits correctly there and gives you a beautiful and an aesthetic look. Girls are more tend to wear this tattoo which in a way reflects their unique personality and a different perspective towards life.

Infinity Tattoos Designs Ideas

There are some tattoos which are simple yet hold a profound and touching meaning. Infinity Tattoos are just one of them. They are attractive, simple and small and can fit in any part of the body. There is a variety of design in which people get this tattoo each different signifying meaning.

Paring Infinity Tattoos

Lately, there has been a trend of paring Infinity Tattoos with some other stuff that holds a meaningful place in one’s life or something that reflects their personality. It is most commonly combined with the words such as Friendship, BFF, Love, Family. And if you see, each of these words when combined with the infinity symbol, changes the meaning of the tattoo and reflects the nature and the personality of the person.

For example, a person who is very fond of traveling would get an infinity tattoo paired with the word ‘Wanderlust’; soulmates can draw an infinity paired with the word ‘Friends.’

Interlocking Infinity Tattoos

There is one more popular design, i.e., Interlocking infinities. These kinds of tattoos are mostly worn by married couples or family members signifying ‘Forever and ever.’

It’s for the people who want to grow old together, and the tattoo signifies their love towards each other. One can also put phrases along with the symbol such as ‘Love your life’ which is cliched yet holds a great significance.

There are a million ways in which this tattoo can be portrayed. There is end number of ways to turn this ‘sideways 8’ into a great piece of art. Infinity is an endless loop conveying endless meanings.

They are either way one of the most aesthetic, mysterious and beautiful tattoos one can get and it’s incredible how just a simple sign can convey such huge messages.

Infinity Tattoos Designs