Tattoos & Piercings

Our Story

Here at TattooSet, out top priority is to be the most trusted and well-respected online  resources for tattoo and piercing information. So far we have been delivering rliable, well-examined content to over 50 Million Readers since 2010.


Since starting out in March 2010, we have quickly grown to become one of the true leading sources for reliable tattoo and piercing information online. Why do read our content? Because our advice is thoroughly researched, fact-checked, medically reviewed, and in-depth.


We’re not here to skim over the nitty-gritty parts of the tattooing or piercing processes; we’re here to provide cold, hard facts about what you’re most likely to experience and encounter on your body art journey, in the most concise, open and helpful way that we think is possible.

Meet the Team

Here is the Tattoo Set team
Pete Tattoo Set Author


Pete is a husband and father. He loves to fish and hike.
Leo Tattoo Set Author


Leo is a bougie bro. He successfully runs his own tattoo shop & barber shop in Chicago.


Claudia is from Paris. She's an exceptional tattoo artist that specializes in many different tattoo styles.
Jesse Tattoo Set Editor


Jesse is an angel from heaven. She volunteers much of her time. Loves tattoos.
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