125+ Best Japanese Tattoos, Ideas, And Their Meanings

Tattoos (body inked) is called Irezumi in Japanese as they follow their distinct styles, and all the Japanese style culture is cultivated all over the world. The Japanese tattoos as…

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297 Best Grim Reaper Tattoos | Ideas, Designs And Meanings

Whether we look upon it with awe, fear, or ridicule. The ‘Grim Reaper’ is a character that can be found in every myth, legend, and religion in every corner of…

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Neo Traditional Tattoo

70+ Neo Traditional Tattoo Ideas To Get Inspired

Tattoos have always been a symbol of self-expression; each tattoo has a story and significance in a person’s personality. Over the past few decades, tattoos have changed from being just…

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Best Hamsa Tattoos, Designs and Ideas

Tattoos are gaining huge popularity recently among people of all age. They have become the most favorite way to express their liking for a thing, object, symbol, concept or anything…

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Polynesian Tattoos

178 Polynesian Tattoos Designs Ideas & Their Meanings

Polynesia consists of thousands of scattered islands over the Pacific Ocean. Tattooing was like a ritual, a holy practice for Polynesians. We use pen and paper to describe our ideas,…

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Celtic Tattoos

50+ Celtic Tattoos Designs Ideas to Adore Your Body (With Meaning)

Presently Celtic refers to the culture and language that prevailed in the 6 countries, namely Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany and Isle of Man. The origin of this ethnolinguistic group…

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