Harley Quinn Tattoo

71+1 Impressive Harley Quinn Tattoo Design Ideas (Updated)

Looking for the best Harley Quinn Tattoo Design Ideas? We’ve got you covered. Ever since the release of the movie ‘Suicide Squad’ in 2016, a lot of the characters in…

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150 Minimalist Video Game Tattoos Designs Ideas

                      Mario Bros. Tattoo- Tattoo Inspiration: Favourite youth title/resembling the least scary biker ever. When you join brilliant, essential hues,…

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Samurai Tattoos

120+ Badass Samurai Tattoos That’ll Make You Look Awesome

With the advent of tattoos and the various types and styles of tattoos and techniques, there has been a welcoming mix of different cultures, that has found its way onto…

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Wing Tattoos

180+ Angel Wing Tattoos For Men & Women

Are you looking for Wing Tattoos? The book ‘An ancient man with enormous wings’ by Gabriel García Márquez is a story based on Magical Realism, a supernatural or magical event…

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