192+ Wave Tattoo Designs And Ideas And Meanings

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What Is Equivalent To 1000 Words? 

A picture. A picture has an undeniable power to convey feelings and messages. Photos, videos, emoticons, wall art, posters, rangoli (a form of art, originated in the Indian subcontinent, whereby all floors will be decorated into beautiful patterns using colors). These are the most popular medium to convey sentiments and messages to society. 

But does all this popular art form exist only on inanimate objects? Human skin has been no thought of doodling, there would not persist a new art form called tattoo. Also on human bodies, tattoos are the markings or drawings. This has been made through pigments and inks that usually last forever. With each new day, tattoos are climbing new heights of popularity. They can make in a variety of designs and sizes. Among a large parlor of designs of symbols, this article features a detailed discussion of wave tattoo designs and ideas, along with the meanings they carry.

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Best Wave Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Shore Wave

This is the trendiest wave tattoo. The upper arm or the biceps region can serve as a perfect canvas for tattooing sea waves and a full glimpse of a seashore. From the peripheral side of the biceps, would emanate one or two palm trees, stems of whose runs diagonally towards the shoulder where emerald-like sparkly green palm tree leaves will draw.

A floating three, “3,” is drawn right at the bottom of the tree. Now, the region outside the tree. It is where the palm trees are standing tall and tilted. This is painted grey to depict the shore. This wave tattoo has a unique and surreal blend of grey and green. Tattoo of Birds in black on body leaves to make the symbol look more realistic. 

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Moon Wave

It is a small-sized wave tattoo that can be drawn anywhere on the body. It would, however, look best and gorgeous on the side of the neck. Its outline resembles the silhouette of the moon, which is not full but is little more than half. The interior of the moon is a sea wave. Sea wave would emerge from the lower part of the moon, and when it reaches just a little above the middle of the moon. A full-wave appears creating a view of a projectile of angry, gushy waters that want to meet where it started, but as soon as it tries to match, it is blocked. Thus creating a wave in the shape of what a moon would look like when it is more than half, but not full. 

Though short and straightforward, this wave tattoo can convey a sweet message. It includes that “no matter how much anger, pain, or hurt we have within ourselves. It is important to block its outburst with a lot of patience.” It justifies a famous quote, “speech is silver, and silence is gold.”

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Sun Wave

This wave tattoo looks like a sun and best suited at the back of one’s neck. However, it would look even as astounding on one’s wrist. It is a pure sea wave, behind which there is a sun blooming out of water. So, it’s full sun, and the waves seem to enter the sun from the lower-left corner. Colors like golden- yellow and violet would best justify the tattoo for the sun and the wave, respectively. The sun in this tattoo has an alternating series of short and long lines emanating out of it, which describes that the sun is shining brightly.

This has a beautiful meaning to itself, and that is, “In life, we might face waves of criticism, hatred, challenges, negativity, loss and much more, but all we have to do is shine brightly like a sun, and fight all waves with courage and determination.” 

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Wrist Wave

As the name suggests, it is a sober and straightforward wave that can tattoo the wrist.  It is like a filler wave tattoo for a person who loves getting tattoos. It does not carry a specific meaning. Wrist waves can induce high confidence in oneself.

Looking at this tattoo in a way is similar to looking at a wristwatch. Therefore famously quoted, “ Time and tide wait for none.” Hence this tattoo will alarm us into doing things such that will be essential and deserve priority than aimlessly as wandering around.

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Heart Wave

As this wave tattoo is straight forward because the wave reflects from the two curved folds. By this, the tattoo will look like a heart. It is small and will watch graceful anywhere. 

Sometimes it is not essential to feel on the extreme side of emotion. It is not necessary to demand sheer happiness or to feel incredibly lonely and disgusted. Sometimes, just letting things come and go as they come and go can make us feel more relaxed and peaceful. This tattoo is as soothing as it looks. 

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