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Fox Tattoo

This dear world of ours is a unique place to live in. So many people have such peculiar tastes and love extraordinary things.One of such queer fondness is of tattoos. So many people these days have multiple tattoos on various parts of their bodies. They love getting tattoos of various designs depending upon their moods, situations, customs, beliefs, etc. In this article we will enlist some nice fox tattoo designs.

Also, they choose where they want the tattoo religiously, taking ample time. It may also depend on the tattoo they’re planning to get and the amount of pain they’re anticipating.When it comes to designs of tattoos, fox designs are right up there on top of the list. Fox, the cunning one, has been holding peoples’ fancy for quite a long time.

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But Why Fox Tattoo Designs?

Well, as much as I have been able to deduce, one of the reasons is that fox tattoos are really charismatic and also because of the fact in different regions and cultures fox symbolizes different things. 

If we talk specifically about the fox, why it appeals to people the way it does, well, it has a particular deceitful reputation of getting its way, by hook or by crook, also the cleverness that is the first thing to pop up in everyone’s mind when we think of fox.Remember the stories that our Grandmas used to tell us? Where the cunning devil, against all the odds, gets away.The fascination seems natural to me. Is it not?

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Apart from all of this, you can decide what your own fox tattoo stands for and represents. Sounds about right.Another thing is that a tattoo becomes a part of your personality after it gets etched onto your body and supposes its a flaming red malicious fox, it will very certainly tell the “frenemies” to steer clear, bringing a fresh splash of confidence upon the bearer.Now, as I said earlier, the fox tattoo holds a different meaning and importance in so many cultures around the globe.

I’m just going to discuss them briefly before we proceed with this article.

Fox Tattoo Design Meanings Prevailing Across The Globe

OK, so this has to be my favorite part. The beliefs and meanings attached to the fox tattoos are actually fascinating. A few of the fox tattoo designs are as follows:


In India, people admire fox for its survival instincts, which enables it to cope up even in the harshest of situations and come out with flying colors.So, all those who call them “survivors” get this tattoo on their skin so that it keeps motivating them.


Fox is also a carrier of fire and power, which it has said to have stolen from the spirits and brought to ancient men.


Chinese people considered Fox as a sign of luck and longevity. This was the reason why men get fox tattoo designs over their bodies as a sign of joy and long life.


This, however, was not a case for the women. In their case, fox played a negative role. The cunning red beast played a negative role here, signifying an evil love, that robs men of money and family.

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 According to the Egyptian culture, The wicked fox was an intermediary between the Gods and Earth, a diplomat, who persuaded them not to destroy the planet. As their devotion to him, people got fox design tattoos on their bodies.


Apart from all of these, there are so many other strange tales and traditions crowning him as a friend, foe, predator, and so on. According to some traditions, he was a cunning beast, others, he was a blessing and a giver of new life. Also, foxes possess many human traits. As a result, they can symbolize:

Cunning And Wise

Perhaps, the very first words to come to anyone’s mind when they hear the word “fox.”  Fox is characteristically said to be wicked, having their own way.

The ones bearing a fox design tattoo are wise, capable of turning the tables around in their own favor.


Fox is suppose to bring success, in both aspects of experience and shrewdness. So it is an apt notion relation with the fox.

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Fox represents fierce beauty and sexuality. All the more reason why females usually have the fox engraved on their bodies.

So this was all about the meaning of fox design tattoos and beliefs associated with the same in different parts of the world. Enchanting, right? 

Next, I am going to cover some of the best fox tattoo design types.

Best Of Fox Design Types

There are plenty of exciting designs available. Different types of fox designs that may look exquisite on different body parts.

So, here I am making a list of some of the best ones out there:

The Nine-Tailed Fox Tattoo

The most incredible part of a fox’s body is without any doubt its tail. The long flaming red tail also represents Romanticism, thereby motivating many women to get it.

nine tailed
nine tailed

The Nine-tailed fox was an Indian legend. But, later on, came to be known as the Japanese symbol of fertility. The foxes were her messengers.The legend also claimed that the fox could change colors as it grew older and wiser.

The Red Fox Tattoo

The Infamous Red fox, with tail, like embers and gleaming turquoise green eyes. It is the most stunning species of foxes, also linked with feminity and Sexuality. 

red fox
red fox

This design is usually made on women’s thighs or legs.It is mostly showed accompanied by water or surrounded by flowers.

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Watercolor Fox Tattoo

We use water colors in this type of design. It seems like water-color barely touched the surface of the skin, just enough to give it the shape of the fox, giving it the most spectacular effect.The colors used are mostly orange and red. The Artist has to be really good at his work to produce the precise effect, using techniques like splashing.

3D Fox Tattoo

It is a misconception that artists use a different ink for 3D designs, they don’t. In fact, the only thing that changes is the angles or the techniques in some cases.One of the most beautiful designs to get. A capable artist makes the fox looks real by adjusting his angles. 


It is a kind of optical illusion if made in the right that makes you feel like the fox will jump out. They produce an even more significant effect if made with bright colors.

Minimalistic Fox Tattoo

Minimalism is elegant and classic. This type of design merely draws the outline of the fox.These tattoos are small and look incredibly feminine when made on necks or wrists.

Minimalistic Fox tattoo

Also, a minimalist tattoo doesn’t look over-the-top and looks trendy. Being small, they convey a lot about the person bearing it in an efficient way.


So, In this article, I have tried to give all the information there is about fox tattoo designs, explaining things in a way in which it will be easy for everyone to get the hang of this article.

Starting from Fox tattoos to all the way to their meanings and then enlisting the best designs available.

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