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Raven Tattoo

A raven tattoo evokes stark feelings of mystery and awe in the canvas of our minds. These birds are enchanting and seductive and divinely captivating at the same time. They not only beautify the skin when embedded in it but also carry a symbolic meaning to them. They convey the heart and minds of the bearer. “Let’s ink out our hears forever on our skin this time.”

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Best Raven Tattoo Designs

Here are ten best raven tattoo designs that are sure to blow your minds away!

Raven Perching On The Skull

This tattoo design is highly captivating and never fails to entice the viewers. The death head or the skull is a prominent part of the tattoo beside the skull. The skull is associated with death, and the raven perching on it signifies power and its ability to conquer death.

Raven Perching on the Skull tattoo
Raven Perching on the Skull tattoo

The tattoo is an eye-catcher and is most suited when inked between the ear and neck or the forearm.

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An Angry Raven

This is one of the most potent tattoo designs. Anger is reflected in the eyes of the raven. The eyes are exquisitely inked and colored in green with a shine added against the deep dark raven background. This tattoo has an element of fire to it.

An Angry Raven tattoo
An Angry Raven tattoo

The raven seems to be angry and ready to unleash the anger on the world. This tattoo symbolizes the mind of the tattoo bearer. It symbolizes rebel against anything wrong!

Raven Amidst Flowers

A blend of red and black colors, this tattoo is a piece of art. The flowers blend perfectly well with the theme. Flowers in tattoo generally give a very vintage look, and the bright red color, which is in stark contrast with the dark black color of the raven, adds to the uniqueness and charm of this tattoo.

Raven Amidst Flowers tattoo
Raven Amidst Flowers tattoo

The detailing and color gradients are a feast to the eyes. Though considered as warbirds, ravens have a lovely charm to them.

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Raven With Feathers

This raven tattoo has many ravens emerging out of a feather. The ravens are proportionately smaller than the feather to produce a heightened effect. This tattoo is meant for girls in particular though boys can wear it too on their arms.The ravens are flying away from the feather as they emerge. This tattoo has a symbolic meaning to it, just like others. It symbolizes freedom and power. It looks best when worn on the forearm or lower leg.

Ravens Emerging Out Of A Witch

This raven tattoo is one of the most popular raven tattoos. It is very popular among today’s youth. Both the witch and raven are filled in black. This tattoo is basically a symbol of mystery and signifies the mind of a person who does not open much.

Ravens Emerging Out of a Witch
Ravens Emerging Out of a Witch

The hair of the witch gives way to several ravens. Both witch and ravens are fishy; hence in a way, they complement each other. The combination with shadows even makes it eerier.

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The Blue Raven

This raven tattoo is generally worn on the right forearm. It depicts individuality and uniqueness, just like its color. The bright blue detailing on the raven and the fierce open mouth with a dull red tongue sticking out of it all add to the charm and grandeur of this tattoo.

The Blue Raven
The Blue Raven

The blue color is significantly different and a unique take on shades of grey and dull black.

Raven With Spread Wings

This raven tattoo is magnificent, elaborate, and impressive. It looks best when inked on the chest. This design can be a combination of blue, black, red, and grey shades. Wings spread, as if flying, symbolizes a powerful bond, deep and undying love. This urges the viewer to break all the barriers and soar highest in the sky of freedom with wings of glory.

Customized Raven Tattoo Design

This design carries the initials of the person inside the raven. The raven must be under a dark theme, and the initials may be of any color, adding to its beauty.

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Raven Against The Sun

You can see them perching on a tree in swarms, and the sun, all with its golden and orange hue, shining bright in the sky. Ravens are themselves the traits of the sun. The mightiest attribute to the sun is wisdom, and ravens are symbols of the same.

Raven Against the Sun tattoo
Raven Against the Sun tattoo

This raven tattoo is a symbol of warmth, intelligence, and wisdom. This tattoo is a mysterious balance of both good and evil together.

Raven Sitting On The Shoulder

This raven tattoo depicts the wearer’s love for animals. It is an outlet to express love and affinity towards birds of avian creatures in general.

Raven Sitting on the Shoulder
Raven Sitting on the Shoulder

This inking is a technique to depict their everlasting relationship for birds permanently. It represents the good bond between the master and his pet.

Go forth and get inked now!!!

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