Octopus Tattoos

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The tattoo is an art of inking the body with figures, quotes, logos, which can be of permanent or temporary. Tattooing is an ancient practice that dates back to roughly 3100 B.C. People get Octopus tattoo tattoos for a variety of reasons- to mark respect, to defy certain customs, to express their individuality.

Every symbol has its own story, some meaning that can be prevalent or idiosyncratic. Further, there are more than 50 types of tattoos – Traditional, blackwork, realism, new school being some. Today we will talk about a particular kind of professional Octopus tattoo.

Octopus Tattoos & Designs

Famous marine life tattoo design amongst men and women. Currently high in demand because of the endless beautiful possibilities and artistic flexibility. The creature has been used extensively as a character in movies, cartoons, and stories. This makes more people relate to this majestic creature. Majorly five types of these tattoos exist.

Tribal Octopus

The tattoo of the tribal octopus is associated with Polynesians. This is due to the similar rich black textures. Just one color- black is used for outlining as well as filling. Octopus is shaped by intricate designs.

There are not any fleshy backgrounds just black-on-skin finish. The monochromatic setting, with the complex texture of and around the Octopus, mesmerizes onlookers.

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Realistic Octopus

Just like the name says- these tattoos tend to copy the real/original forms of the octopus. The artist tries to sketch these magnificent beasts with the utmost detailing and style. nature lovers favour the style keenly to the people with interests in marine life.

The elaborate patterns and beautiful coloring can be overwhelming! However, placement is prominent because the artist needs a more comprehensive workspace for the tentacles to flaunt the big guy’s ferocity and might.

Japanese Octopus

The Octopus, being a part of Japanese mythology, gives the artist freedom to mix Japanese lore with the giant. The artist plays with Japanese symbols and elements to express himself.

These tattoos usually have a meaning, a message that the person wants to convey. The tattoos tend to blend realism and mysticism in a very subtle way. Traditionally shades of Purple and blue are using to ink. However, artists nowadays use other vibrant colors to fill in the details.

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